A Sea Change

6 tips for creating the perfect coastal living room

Although trends might come and go like the tide, coastal interiors are here to stay. Whether you’re wanting to bring your beach shack up to date or go for glam and renovate a surf-side retreat, these 6 simple style sentiments will ensure you execute coastal cool.

1. Say yes to stripes

Give a nautical nod with the perfect pattern for both classic and contemporary schemes. Bigger is better – so be brave with bold stripes on soft furnishings and upholstery. A striped sofa makes the ultimate statement, and for a welcome departure from navy, opt for grey or beige.

2. True blue

From aqua and seafoam to navy and cobalt, blue is the best colour to create a feeling of calm. If you want to maximise on light and airy vibes, a few turquoise toned scatter cushions will boost the brightness, and can be easily updated when you’re ready to refresh the look.

3. Reach for rattan

Super strong and long-lasting, rattan furniture has been tried and tested and always mounts a comeback. Offering the warmth of natural timber, it has been a mainstay for storage solutions and casual settings. Include a wicker basket or a coffee table tray top to add a touch of texture to the room.

4. Modern metals

Achieve easy elegance by adding a few metal pieces into the mix. A slender lamp or a sleek side table give the look an element of luxury and provide a point of contrast. A playful pineapple table lamp injects personality, whilst the silver finishes make the space feel polished and contemporary.

5. Whitewashed wood

Maintain cohesion and keep it classy with a generous use of white. Forget about mis- matched furniture – it’s simple to tie things together when you use white as a base. This easy-breezy shade will make for an upbeat mood and enhance the sense of spaciousness, no matter what size your room is.

6. Plant life

Bring the outdoors in and add a little greenery to your living room with potted plants. Take to the tropics with a Bird of Paradise or make the space feel fresh with a luscious Fiddle Leaf. If you’re not blessed with a green thumb, you can choose species that are low maintenance or find a faux style that suits your space.

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