A Recipe for a Versatile Dining Room

You will need:

  • A dining table (generously sized but not too big for the proportions of the room)
  • Chairs (odd ones are fine, or benches as an alternative)
  • Tabletop essentials (glassware, crockery, cutlery, napkins)
  • Decor (a vase, wall art, a stunning pendant light – something to make a statement)
  • Storage (a console is the obvious choice, but a bar cart can also do the job)


To ensure you nail a versatile dining room, we’ve narrowed down our top tips. Deliver these, and your dinner guests will be impressed before the entree’s are even served.

Everyday elegance

Many interior decorators have been quoted saying that nothing should be kept “for best”, but rather we’re better off making the most of our favourite things by sharing them with loved ones. I agree, and that’s why I’m a fan of utilising your favourite servingware, getting the good glasses out of the cupboard, and finishing off each setting with linen napkins (crumples? no worries). Whether it’s a family breakfast or a fine dining experience, these details will make all the difference to the mood.

Family friendly

Let’s talk about loose chair covers. Frankly, anything that can be thrown in the washing machine for a rinse and spin cycle is approved for use with kids, pets and wine. Chair covers have a universal feel too – meaning they’re equally as suited to your Saturday date night as they are to Dad’s mid-week spag bol special. And for the last blow of the trumpet, they’re also a genius way to change up your look without blowing the budget.

Mix and match

For the perfect compilation of seating, think of dining chairs as a portrait of cousins: a pair of identical twins, an older sibling sporting a new ‘do, and although there’s usually that one kid who likes to go against the grain, it’s clear that you’re all members of the same family. Still with me? Throw out the rule book when it comes to matching colours or shapes, and instead focus on practicalities – like ensuring all the seats are the same height, so your dinner guests stand a chance of seeing eye to eye.

Stylish solutions

When it comes to preventing clutter, you need to be savvy about storage. Maintain a streamlined look with a console or buffet that can hide a multitude of sins, including miscellaneous punch bowls and unused crockery. When furniture hunting, go for a design with drawers and doors that will conceal items. And remember, you can use the surface area above to display decorative touches like a mirror or blooms.

Bon appétit!